Rig Control
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Rig control is only necessary if you have a physical interface to your rig, like Rigblaster, SignaLink USB, other commercial products, or a home brew interface.

If you don't have a physical interface then you need to acoustically couple your PC to your rig. This means putting your rig's microphone next to the PC's speakers and your rig's speaker next to your PC's microphone. Acoustically coupling is fine for MT-63 which we use on VHF but it is not recommend for HF operations. If acoustically coupling you can go onto IDs. If the PTT tone on right audio channel box is checked, UNCHECK it.

If you are using a physical interface click on the Rig Control button in the FLdigi Configure menu. Click the Hardware PTT tab:

f you are using a commercial interface check the PTT tone on right audio channel. If you are using a commercial interface jump to Audio below.

If you are using a homebrew interface check User separate serial port PTT. Use the Device pull-down menu to select the serial port you will be using and the serial port signal you will use to key your rig. For instance, if you are using RTS check that tab and RTS = +V. If you cannot key your rig try unchecking this box. Then click the Initialize button.

You may need to adjust the PTT delays if FLdigi starts transmitting before your rig is in full transmit or continues transmitting after your rig has switched to receive mode. Some commercial interfaces already have a delay control so this function may not be necessare.

The rest of the home brew interface is done in the RigCat menu. Having not done it I will not cover this section


If using a physical interface you also need to adjust your PC's audio configuration to select the external device. First, turn on the interface. Then click the Audio tab. Check  the Port Audio button and use the Capture and Playback pull-down menus to select your interface.  Below is an example using the SignaLink USB interface:

Note - You may need to go to the Sound menu in Control Panel and select your audio device first for this to work.

Note - When connecting to your rig with a physical interface any sound your PC makes, like "You Have Mail", will be transmitted. When using FLdigi close any program that may generate a sound.

Click the Save and the Close buttons and go to ID.