Operator Setup
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From FLdigi Click Configure and then Operator. You will see a window like this:

The most important thing on this page is to enter your call sign. The rest is optional.

Locator refers to an ARRL grid system for giving your approximate location. W. Rock is in FN42. The last two letters narrow it even further. You can obtain your Locator by becoming a member of QRZ.com and entering your callsign. Your locator can be found by clicking the Detail tab. It will be under Grid Location.

Next, click the UI tab and then the General tab. This page has changed from previous revisions. Check the item highlighted:

Next, click the Browser tab and check the two items highlighted and check that the rest of the fields are as shown:

Next, click the Macros tab and check the items highlighted:

Next, click the WF Controls then click the Enable All button:

Then click the Save and the Close buttons at the bottom and go to Modems.