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From FLdigi click Configure and then Misc. Next, click the NBEMS tab.

Check the three boxes in circled in res. Open with flmsg will allow you to save the message. Open in browser, will open an internet browser window when a message is received. With this you can print the message. It will also open a new browser window for each message. You can close those windows when you do not need them anymore.

Next, you have to tell NBEMS where to find the FLmsg executable. 

Click Locate flmsg. In Windows 7 64 bit it will be in the C:/Program Files(x86)/flmsg-1.1.33 folder . For 32 bit operating systems C:/Program Files/flmsg-1.1.33. When you find the FLmsg directory you will see either flmsg or flmsg.exe. Click on the file name and click on Open. You'll then be returned to the configuration window.

Next, click the Sweet Spot tab. Enter 1500 in the box circled and check the box circled.

Next, click the Text i/o tab.

Check the Enable rx text stream box. Click the Save and the Close buttons and go to Final Configuration.

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