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FLdigi Suite - Windows FLdigi Rev 3.1.74 - Added 10/19/2013
FLdigi Suite - Linux FLdigi Rev 3.1.74 - Added 10/19/2013
Note on Updating FLdigi Revisions - When updating the above files older revisions are not uninstalled. It is not required, but it
is recommended, you uninstall older revisions using the Control Panel utility Programs and Features (or equivalent).

Also, each new revision creates a directory in the Program Files or Program Files(x86) directories. You can also delete the
directories for these older revisions.
FLmsg Help Updated 9/23/2012
W.Rock Macro for IE
W.Rock Macro for Firefox
This is a modified version of the ARES macro file that is installed with FLdigi. The procedure for downloading is depends on the type of browser you use. This link will describe the procedures for Internet Explorer and Firefox.
CheckSR Sound card calibration - See Below.  Changed 8/1/11


For those using FLdigi for the first time, or have had problems with others copying your messages it is strongly suggested you first run CheckSR. Every sound card will produce the same frequency, say 1 KHz, at a slightly different frequency. CheckSR detects these differences and helps FLdigi adjust to these differences.

With your sound card enabled (and Signalink or equivalent connected and on) run CheckSR for at least an hour. By that time the  values in the Difference ppm should be changing within a small range. At this point hit the Stop button. You will now have two values, Difference PPM for Input and Output.

Start FLdigi. On the Tool Bar click Configure and then click Sound Card.

Click the Settings Tab. Enter the CheckSR Input value in RX ppm box and Output value in the TX ppm box. Finally, pull down the Converter menu and click Best Sinc Interperpolator. The Settings Menu should look something like this:

Close this window and click on the Save Config.

CAUTION: I suspect this program may do more harm than good on some PC's. I have found that if the results vary significantly from 0, say greater than +-100 ppm, that using the results may make FLdigi unusable. If you find you are having difficulty copying other stations, or other stations copying you, change the corrections to 0 and try your transmissions or receptions again. If you are unable to check FLdigi with the new settings leave them at 0 until you have an opportunity to check them.